Jimmy Webs Identity


The Genesis of Jimmy Webs

Why a Fancy Octopus?

A singing chef at RISD dubbed me Jimmy Webs after seeing me wrapped up in web projects after work every day. I knew I wanted my brand to be classy, fun and memorable, and what’s more classy, fun and memorable than a dandy, monocle-wearing, tea-drinking, top-hat-tipping octopus? I can relate to my many-armed companion because I frequently find myself taking on several projects simultaneously, all while keeping in mind the need for a good sense of humor and good design.

I responded to the octopus imagery because I loved the interesting positive and negative shapes created by the tentacles. I developed the tag line: "Web interfaces and graphics carefully crafted with class" because my passion lies in creating beautiful intuitive interfaces that leave the user with a memorable and sophisticated impression. I wanted to give my octopus a sense of refinement so I outfitted him with a monocle, a cup of tea to sip, and a top hat he could tip politely. I brought the visual language of sophistication to the back of the card by creating a teapot pattern that referenced the idea of wallpaper. I think the combination of yellow, black, and white is very chic and the logo I developed looks great in this color scheme. From there I added tones of rich blue to create a palette that was royal and fancy-octopus approved.

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