Under the Scally Cap




A photo nerd becomes a design

and development creative

Transitioning my focus from photography, BFA Massachusetts College of Art & Design, into responsive web design and development has been an extremely enriching journey for me. As a recent graduate of the Web and Interactive Design certificate program at Rhode Island School of Design, I have become a seasoned problem solver. I have been learning the ins and outs of the Adobe Creative Suite. Making visual treatments with InDesign makes me swoon, although I equally enjoy researching/wireframing/ and creating functional spec docs too! I have struggled, fiddled, and triumphed with a variety of markup, and scripting languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL). My goal through this certificate program was to learn the skills necessary to help companies and individuals formulate and implement their e-commerce and web strategies. I have a passion to keep learning everything I can about design and development. I love customizing and adapting wordpress themes. I would describe my budding user experience and interface design aesthetic as classy, colorful, and intuitive.


Why a Fancy Octopus named Jimmy Webs?

A singing chef at risd dubbed me Jimmy Webs after seeing me wrapped up in web projects after work every day. I knew I wanted my brand to be classy, fun and memorable, and what’s more classy, fun and memorable than a dandy, monocle wearing, tea-drinking, top hat tipping octopus named Jimmy Webs?… I’d like to think many things are because I love creativity and new ideas. I can relate to my many armed companion because I frequently find myself taking on several projects simultaneously all while keeping in mind the need for a a good sense of humor and good design.


My passion lies in creating beautiful intuitive interfaces that leave the user with a memorable and positive experience.

I am always ready for new opportunities.  CONTACT ME